FAITA 2008 - Nathan Chasing Horse - Best Supporting Actor

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I agree with you all NCH is No Wicasa Itancan. I agree he is a womanizer he seriously Takes the cake wearing that Head dress in front of a Camera. and on stage. I agree he needs to earn those feathers. If he truly was a Heyoka he wouldn't be making movies and Parading around like he does he would be back here helping the Lakota people. But he don't he just runs around Chasing young girls i heard of his Rep on the Navajo rez. i been down there and they talk bad about him. He needs to Grow up.

  • he chases young girls really?!
    i saw a pic of his 3 wives so does that do anything with it?!
  • NCH is no itanca nore is he a pejuta wicasa he is nothing just like all of us. the only ones who were honored to wear those feathers are the ones we talk about today, its shameful that he would play a role in a movie os Sitting Bull's son One Bull when two years ago he disrespected Sitting Bull's sundance parading around as an heyoka he is not even such a helper as a heyoka or eny spiritual means
  • NCH is a rosebuder and I would like to throw my two cents as well. I feel that he disgraces himself for wearing a wapha not even spotted tail, sitting bull would wear such a headress. NCH you are still a kid you need to earn those feathers thru humilty not how many movies you acted in. Also rememeber that nobody made you chief among the Lakota. You are not a yuwipi man far from it...The rattles that shake in your ceremonies are not the spirits they are humans lying to people hau ho Crow D
  • Im from pine ridge and no man has ever wear a headress such as this NCH. I feel that its the people who will give him the honor of wearing a headress like this. Its shameful that he only wears this headdress in front of camera. He should come to pine ridge and try to wear that here. He should make up his mind what he wants to be chief, medicine man, actor, spiritual leader, womanizer, drunk ect.. I remember he used to drink with us in rapid city

  • Iive also posted......http://kinyewakanwinyan.blogspot.com/http://kinyewakanwinyan.blogspot.com/